NOVA Structures

A privately funded manufacturer of volumetric modular accommodation for the UK’s Construction industry

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Nova’s offsite construction process is a highly sustainable method of building with completed projects inherently achieving higher standards of energy efficiency over that of traditional construction. Typically, Nova buildings display excellent air tightness dynamics and are designed and built to meet enhanced insulation, acoustic and thermal properties in compliance with the latest building regulations and client requirements.


In manufacturing our product, we minimise waste as far as is practicable and ensure that we continually reduce the embodied carbon required in constructing new homes. Our offsite building projects also minimise traffic movements, as modules are delivered to site with a high level of fit-out, negating the need for site deliveries and high levels of onsite labour.

Nova is committed to maintaining its ISO 14001 certification, and our environmental management systems are routinely audited by independent external bodies in conjunction with our internal team.