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Circular Economy

The UK is committed to moving towards a more circular economy, which will see us keeping resources in use as long as possible, extracting maximum value from them, minimising waste, and promoting resource efficiency. The Circular Economy Package, (CEP), introduces a revised legislative framework, identifying steps for the reduction of waste and establishing an ambitious and credible long-term path for waste management and recycling.


Shifting towards a more circular economy will mean we optimise the use of resources within the economy by increasing the duration of a product’s useful life and ensuring when a product has reached the end of its life its resources can be productively used repeatedly, so creating further value. Consequently, the added value in products remains in the systems for as long as possible, thereby reducing waste.

The transition to a more circular economy requires changes throughout value chains, including product design, new business and market models, novel ways of turning waste into a resource and changes to consumer behaviour.

Nova Structures wholeheartedly supports the Circular Economic approach and has designed its products with circularity underpinning the sustainable agenda for our steel framed system. Steel is pivotal to the idea of a circular economy as it is infinitely recyclable and even supports a strong case for reuse of standard structural sections through deconstruction.

Our structure can therefore be both crafted from recycled material and completely recycled at end of life, being supplied by, and feeding resources back into a continuous material cycle. This avoids environmentally damaging resource extraction and disposal processes such as mining, monoculture forestry, landfill, and incineration, leading to a greener and more sustainable construction supply chain. Nova sees this as Modern Methods of Construction at work and believe this to be both the future of the construction industry and of our planet.