NOVA Structures

A privately funded manufacturer of volumetric modular accommodation for the UK’s Construction industry

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At Nova, we do not fit the external finishes to the modules in the factory as our clients may have their locally sourced, preferred contractors who provide this service. Nova sees itself as a supplier of a modular building component to the construction industry and is not in competition with the traditional construction industry or its finishing trades. If our clients seek a full turnkey solution for a project, then Nova has supply chain partners that can offer this service, who do not apply a profit margin to the modular element that Nova supply.

Production Processes

We have designed and developed highly efficient off and on-line production processes, which has allowed us to de-skill many of the build processes required in the assembly of the modules. This means that we are not taking skilled trades from the traditional construction industry, which are already in short supply, but are creating job opportunities where qualifications are not a necessary requirement.

Operating in a factory controlled environment Nova can meticulously monitor processes and embed Quality Assurance at every stage of the build process. We have a zero-tolerance policy on defects throughout our production processes and in our factory activities. Quality inspections and final sign-off are completed as the modules are prepared for transport and thorough inspections are carried out upon arrival on site.

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Nova Structures is moving from its current operations and testing centre in Romsey and has developed the capability to produce 500 modules per annum from its new factory facility commencing Q1 2024. Nova has made a major investment in its new production lines and embraces the use of robotics in its manufacturing processes and is an innovative approach that we will continue to develop.

Nova are committed to producing quality buildings that maintain the highest standards throughout their lifespan.